Constructing Mad Cat Sound - The Process

To begin:

Step 1. Find a suitable building

Step 2. Design the facility (including layout, acoustic design, structural engineering, air conditioning etc.)

Step 3. Obtain the relevant permits for town planning and building.

Step 4. Build the facility using these materials (amongst others):

Framing timbers: 4,000 metres
Timber sheets: 860 sq. metres
Timber edges & trims: 640 metres
Cement sheet & plasterboard: 3,130 sq. metres
Nails, Screws & fastenings: 100,000 plus
Insulation (Acoustic & Thermal): 1150 sq. metres
Carpet, laminates, ceramic tiles: 160 sq. metres
Neoprene, rubber, plastic, foam etc:        255 sq metres
Adhesives, sealants: 165 kg
Paint: 170 litres
Fabric: 175 sq. metres
Glass & Mirrors: 22 sq. metres
Kitchen sink: 1

Step 5. Organise and install audio cabling, equipment, computers, telephones, kitchen, bathrooms etc.


Add approximately 6000 hrs of labour


Assemble carefully, stopping regularly to ensure maximum possible acoustic isolation is achieved

Purchase and install state-of-the-art equipment and technology

Test, calibrate and adjust

Take bank manager to long lunch

Congratulations - you are now the proud owner of Melbourne's newest recording studio!!