StudioStar makes it easy and fun for you to sing and record your favourite song in a professional recording studio.

Whether you are an experienced artist, or just want to have some fun trying to be one, we will help you through the whole process. In just a couple of hours you will have your own professionally recorded and mixed CD, beautifully presented with a personalised custom label.

Keep it for yourself or use it as a personal and original gift. (Better still ... what about one to give plus one to keep*?)

StudioStar Gift Vouchers are also available .perfect for encouraging your friends and family members to take an easy shot at fame!

So how does it work?

  1. Choose your favourite song (or click here for some suggestions).

  2. Book your StudioStar session at our studio.

  3. Come in and record your masterpiece, with our professionally-produced backing track.

And how much does it cost?

A$250.00 (including GST)

That's it!

* Extra copies of your CD are available at any time for a nominal cost.


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